AS Roma Match Schedule Italian League Today

As Roma itself can be called successful in winning some important competitions both for the Italian and international league arena competition, although in this side they cannot compete with other otalia elite clubs such as ac milan, inter milan, juventus which still hold the acquisition. the best interpretation for the club under the auspices of the FIGC, which is the highest body of football associations in Italy which is responsible for everything related to pizza country football.
NoPositionCountryPlayer Name
2DFDavide Zappacosta
4MFBryan Cristante
5DFJuan Jesus
6DFChris Smalling
7MFLorenzo Pellegrini
8FWDiego Perotti
9FWEdin Džeko
11DFAleksandar Kolarov
13GKPau López
14FWPatrik Schick
15DFMert Çetin
17FWCengiz Ünder
18DFDavide Santon
20DFFederico Fazio
21MFJordan Veretout
22MFNicolò Zaniolo
23DFGianluca Mancini
24DFAlessandro Florenzi
27MFJavier Pastore
28DFWilliam Bianda
37DFLeonardo Spinazzola
42MFAmadou Diawara
48FWMirko Antonucci
63GKDaniel Fuzato
83GKAntonio Mirante
99FWJustin Kluivert
MFMaxime Gonalons

AS Roma | Match Schedule Week 1 – 38

8 Nov 2019 3:00 AMMonchengladbachRoma
11 Nov 2019 0:00 AMParmaRoma
24 Nov 2019 9:00 PMRomaBrescia
1 Des 2019 9:00 PMHellas VeronaRoma
8 Des 2019 9:00 PMInternazionaleRoma
15 Des 2019 9:00 PMRomaSPAL
22 Des 2019 9:00 PMFiorentinaRoma
5 Jan 2020 9:00 PMRomaTorino
12 Jan 2020 9:00 PMRomaJuventus
19 Jan 2020 9:00 PMGenoaRoma
26 Jan 2020 9:00 PMRomaLazio
2 Feb 2020 9:00 PMSassuoloRoma
9 Feb 2020 9:00 PMRomaBologna
16 Feb 2020 9:00 PMAtalantaRoma
23 Feb 2020 9:00 PMRomaLecce
1 Mar 2020 9:00 PMCagliariRoma
8 Mar 2020 9:00 PMRomaSampdoria
15 Mar 2020 9:00 PMMilanRoma
22 Mar 2020 9:00 PMRomaUdinese
5 Apr 2020 8:00 PMNapoliRoma
11 Apr 2020 8:00 PMRomaParma
19 Apr 2020 8:00 PMBresciaRoma
23 Apr 2020 1:45 AMRomaHellas Verona
26 Apr 2020 8:00 PMRomaInternazionale
3 Mei 2020 8:00 PMSPALRoma
10 Mei 2020 8:00 PMRomaFiorentina
17 Mei 2020 8:00 PMTorinoRoma
24 Mei 2020 8:00 PMJuventusRoma

*All Time Are In Eastern Time -5

The history of the establishment of AS Roma, which is called one of Italy’s elite clubs, is inseparable from the role of the individual, where at that time the unification of the established clubs in the city of Rome was combined and merged into one professional soccer club with As Roma being the official name, although at that time there was still another Roman club that was lazio which was not complete and in the unification, because there were non-technical differences from some of the club’s founders to create strong competition up to now.

Not just from the problem of its typhoid basis, the clash of the two clubs namely as rome and lazio on the grass field is awaited by the world soccer public. The reason is that in the heat of the match, the Rome derby stubs still bring a spectacle spectacle laden with prestige and pertasi, especially in the totality of some of its employees to score victories in the derby match, because it will ensure who has the right to be the ruler of the city of Rome in the support of viewers and its achievements.

From the start of the Italian league agenda, the agenda of the Italian national team is calculated from the agenda of Rome in every domestic competition that is held in season. more precisely the club that has the nickname i Lupi or the capital city of wolves has already swept the best achievement titles, one of which is 3 times Italian league champions, 9 times for Italian Coppa championships and 2x for Italian Super Coppa champions, even in the European or international arenas, clubs This has already had the title of Inter-Cities Fairs Cup champion called the forerunner of the birth of the European league.

But unfortunately the best performance in the arena did not count on the records of UEFA, which before then with the stability of UEFA itself gave wisdom by replacing it into the European league. but even so, historical records and achievements of roma itself deserves to be considered, given the overwhelming and tight competition agenda that will be played by the same club in red orange with all the best achievement in all arenas and competition in Italy and Europe.

Even when it comes to fanatic sympathizers, As roma is the fifth largest club in Italy that has a huge fan base that spreads in almost all Italian countries and the world, so it is not surprising that every ball game that it plays is a concern and attraction for some large classes, including online media now. Some romanisti calls for fanatical sympathizers of the club of Rome wolf can get such a wide kase, because it has been supported also by channels and quality servers and to the direct direction of each match in the play, Until the enrichment of tv facilities there must be some relief and enjoyment especially time see the match as rome.