Brasileiro Serie A Table, Results, Soccer Schedule

Campeonato Brasileiro Série A can now be easily accessed on your smartphone or laptop connected to the internet. But we do not broadcast live broadcasts on this site, we only provide match schedules, results and official TV channels for broadcast rights holders, which you can check on the game schedule on this site.

Athletico ParanaenseCuritibaArena da Baixada42,370
Atlético MineiroBelo HorizonteIndependência23,018
AvaíFlorianópolisEstádio da Ressacada17,800
BahiaSalvadorArena Fonte Nova47,907
BotafogoRio de JaneiroOlímpico Nilton Santos44,661
CearáFortalezaArena Castelão63,903
ChapecoenseChapecóArena Condá20,089
CorinthiansSão PauloArena Corinthians47,605
CruzeiroBelo HorizonteMineirão61,846
CSAMaceióEstádio Rei Pelé17,126
FlamengoRio de JaneiroMaracanã78,838
FluminenseRio de JaneiroMaracanã78,838
FortalezaFortalezaArena Castelão63,903
GoiásGoiâniaEstádio da Serrinha10,000
GrêmioPorto AlegreArena do Grêmio55,662
InternacionalPorto AlegreBeira-Rio50,128
PalmeirasSão PauloAllianz Parque43,713
SantosSantosVila Belmiro16,068
São PauloSão PauloMorumbi72,039
Vasco da GamaRio de JaneiroSão Januário24,584

This league is often called Campeonato Brazil and is popular as Brasileirão. Where there is a national soccer league competition in the country, organized by Confederação Brasileira de Futebol, or CBF. This league has more than 20 clubs that will be enjoyed from May to December. While the system adopted, the promotion and relegation system with Campeonato Brasileiro Série B. Where for each team competed in 38 matches, with a total of 380 matches in one season. Most of the matches are played on Saturdays and Sundays with the other matches being held at night, namely on weekdays.

Did you know, because of the unique history and breadth of the size of this country, Brazil has a relatively short history of national-level soccer competition. Only in 1959, together with developments in the field of aviation and transportation for the needs of representatives of Brazil for the first edition of the Copa Libertadores in 1960, Campeonato Brasileiro created. Before the national championships were arranged, the country’s most prestigious soccer competition was the state league, specifically Campeonato Paulista and Campeonato Carioca, major leagues in the State of Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro. While at the age of 59, seventeen clubs have won championship trophies in this league.

The current champion is Cruzeiro, who won his third title during the 2013 season. The various teams that compete are worth watching because they often serve interesting dishes from beautiful football with Brazilian characteristics. You will be served in dishes that were not spent during the game. It is not surprising that there are many games that fanned him. If you are a fan, then don’t forget to look at the schedule and position of the Brazilian league. Twenty clubs competed in Série A. Starting in the 2003 season, the league had begun to use the full competition system format into the competition format.

Where with this format, each team that competes with other opposing teams, twice. Among them is once competed at home and once again away. While for total matches, there are 38 total matches. The team that is able to conquer other teams their compilation gives three points for victory. Meanwhile, if the series will get one point. While not getting points is if you get defeated. The team that is ranked according to points, the team that can collect the most points at the end of the season, is named the champion. The bottom four teams in the final standings will be demoted to Série B.

Meanwhile, the top four teams in the final standings must meet the requirements to show them in the Copa Libertadores the following season. The teams ranked 1st to 3rd enter the second round, and the 4th ranked team enters the first round. The next eight ranked teams (ranked 5-12) qualify for the Copa Sudamericana next season, all teams will enter in the second round. If there is a team that wins the Copa do Brasil in the same season, their place will be given to the next team ranking.