Champions League Table, Results & Schedule

Champions league is one of the popular leagues in the world that has many fans all over the world. Europe’s top players who have high skills compete with each other with their respective clubs. Various top European clubs meet each other to get championship titles in each season. Top clubs such as Juventus, Real Madrid, Manchester United, Barcelona, ​​Manchester City, Inter Milan, Rome, Bayern Munich and other European clubs.
Champions League | Matchday 2
Tue 1st October 201911:55 PMAtalanta1 – 2Donetsk
Tue 2nd October 201911:55 PMReal Madrid2 – 2Club Brugge
Tue 2nd October 201902:00 AMManc City2 – 0Zagreb
Tue 2nd October 201902:00 AMZvezda3 – 1Olympiacos
Tue 2nd October 201902:00 AMMoscow0 – 2Atl Madrid
Tue 2nd October 201902:00 AMTottenham2 – 7Munich
Tue 2nd October 201902:00 AMJuventus3 – 0Leverkusen
Tue 2nd October 201902:00 AMGalatasaray0 – 1PSG

Tue 2nd October 201911:55 PMSlavia Praha0 – 2Dortmund
Tue 2nd October 201911:55 PMGenk0 – 0Napoli
Tue 3rd October 201902:00 AMLiverpool4 – 3Red Bull
Tue 3rd October 201902:00 AMLOSC1 – 2Chelsea
Tue 3rd October 201902:00 AMZenit3 – 1Benfica
Tue 3rd October 201902:00 AMValencia0 – 3Ajax
Tue 3rd October 201902:00 AMBarcelona2 – 1Inter Milan
Tue 3rd October 201902:00 AMLeipzig0 – 2Lyon

*All Time Are In Eastern Time -5

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Champions league schedule is different from the schedule football of league competitions in all countries on the European continent, because the matches are held in the first or second week. 32 teams that have qualified for the match every week will carry out the group phase determined by drawing the champions league schedule before the game starts. The event is long enough, the excitement that is worth waiting for football lovers around the world.