DAZN Channel Match Soccer Leagues Schedule

Dazn is a decent decision from a huge determination of well known TV Channels that communicate sports. Where potential games sweethearts, including football darlings, have realized many live shows on the TV channel. Thusly, those of you who need to see a great deal of live sports matches can buy in to the TV channel. At that point, what is the cost and how to buy in there?.
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  • 10 August 2016

DAZN Sport TV Schedule

01 Nov+17:00FTKashima Antlers 1 – 0 Urawa RedsJ1 League
02 Nov2:45Barnsley vs Bristol CityChampionship
02 Nov19:30AFC Bournemouth vs Manchester UnitedPremier League
02 Nov22:00Arsenal vs Wolverhampton WanderersPremier League
02 Nov22:00Aston Villa vs LiverpoolPremier League
02 Nov22:00Brighton & Hove Albion vs Norwich CityPremier League
02 Nov22:00Manchester City vs SouthamptonPremier League
02 Nov22:00Sheffield United vs BurnleyPremier League
02 Nov22:00West Ham United vs Newcastle UnitedPremier League
03 Nov0:30Watford vs ChelseaPremier League
03 Nov21:00Crystal Palace vs Leicester CityPremier League
03 Nov23:30Everton vs Tottenham HotspurPremier League
05 Nov3:00Stoke City vs West Bromwich AlbionChampionship
06 Nov0:55Barcelona vs Slavia PrahaChampions League
06 Nov0:55Zenit vs RB LeipzigChampions League
06 Nov3:00Borussia Dortmund vs InternazionaleChampions League
06 Nov3:00Chelsea vs AjaxChampions League
06 Nov3:00Liverpool vs GenkChampions League
06 Nov3:00Napoli vs SalzburgChampions League
06 Nov3:00Olympique Lyonnais vs BenficaChampions League
06 Nov3:00Valencia vs LilleChampions League
06 Nov22:50Vitória Guimarães vs ArsenalEuropa League
07 Nov0:55Bayern München vs Olympiakos PiraeusChampions League
07 Nov0:55Lokomotiv Moskva vs JuventusChampions League
07 Nov3:00Atalanta vs Manchester CityChampions League
07 Nov3:00Bayer Leverkusen vs Atlético MadridChampions League
07 Nov3:00Dinamo Zagreb vs Shakhtar DonetskChampions League
07 Nov3:00PSG vs Club BruggeChampions League
07 Nov3:00Real Madrid vs GalatasarayChampions League
07 Nov22:50Astana vs AZEuropa League
08 Nov0:55APOEL vs QarabağEuropa League
08 Nov0:55Basel vs GetafeEuropa League
08 Nov0:55CFR Cluj vs RennesEuropa League
08 Nov0:55F91 Dudelange vs SevillaEuropa League
08 Nov0:55Krasnodar vs TrabzonsporEuropa League
08 Nov0:55København vs Dynamo KyivEuropa League
08 Nov0:55LASK Linz vs PSVEuropa League
08 Nov0:55Lazio vs CelticEuropa League
08 Nov0:55Lugano vs Malmö FFEuropa League
08 Nov0:55Rosenborg vs Sporting CPEuropa League
08 Nov0:55Standard Liège vs Eintracht FrankfurtEuropa League
08 Nov3:00Borussia M’gladbach vs RomaEuropa League
08 Nov3:00Espanyol vs LudogoretsEuropa League
08 Nov3:00Ferencváros vs CSKA MoskvaEuropa League
08 Nov3:00Feyenoord vs Young BoysEuropa League
08 Nov3:00Manchester United vs PartizanEuropa League
08 Nov3:00Oleksandria vs Saint-ÉtienneEuropa League
08 Nov3:00Rangers vs PortoEuropa League
08 Nov3:00Sporting Braga vs BeşiktaşEuropa League
08 Nov3:00Wolfsberger AC vs İstanbul BaşakşehirEuropa League
08 Nov3:00Wolfsburg vs GentEuropa League
08 Nov3:00Wolverhampton Wanderers vs Slovan BratislavaEuropa League
09 Nov3:00Norwich City vs WatfordPremier League
09 Nov19:30Chelsea vs Crystal PalacePremier League
09 Nov22:00Burnley vs West Ham UnitedPremier League
09 Nov22:00Newcastle United vs AFC BournemouthPremier League
09 Nov22:00Southampton vs EvertonPremier League
09 Nov22:00Tottenham Hotspur vs Sheffield UnitedPremier League
10 Nov0:30Leicester City vs ArsenalPremier League
10 Nov21:00Manchester United vs Brighton & Hove AlbionPremier League
10 Nov21:00Wolverhampton Wanderers vs Aston VillaPremier League
10 Nov23:30Liverpool vs Manchester CityPremier League
23 Nov19:30West Ham United vs Tottenham HotspurPremier League
23 Nov22:00AFC Bournemouth vs Wolverhampton WanderersPremier League
23 Nov22:00Arsenal vs SouthamptonPremier League
23 Nov22:00Brighton & Hove Albion vs Leicester CityPremier League
23 Nov22:00Crystal Palace vs LiverpoolPremier League
23 Nov22:00Everton vs Norwich CityPremier League
23 Nov22:00Watford vs BurnleyPremier League
24 Nov0:30Manchester City vs ChelseaPremier League
24 Nov23:30Sheffield United vs Manchester UnitedPremier League
26 Nov3:00Aston Villa vs Newcastle UnitedPremier League
27 Nov0:55Galatasaray vs Club BruggeChampions League
27 Nov0:55Lokomotiv Moskva vs Bayer LeverkusenChampions League
27 Nov3:00Atalanta vs Dinamo ZagrebChampions League
27 Nov3:00Crvena Zvezda vs Bayern MünchenChampions League
27 Nov3:00Juventus vs Atlético MadridChampions League
27 Nov3:00Manchester City vs Shakhtar DonetskChampions League
27 Nov3:00Real Madrid vs PSGChampions League
27 Nov3:00Tottenham Hotspur vs Olympiakos PiraeusChampions League
28 Nov0:55Valencia vs ChelseaChampions League
28 Nov0:55Zenit vs Olympique LyonnaisChampions League
28 Nov3:00Barcelona vs Borussia DortmundChampions League
28 Nov3:00Genk vs SalzburgChampions League
28 Nov3:00Lille vs AjaxChampions League
28 Nov3:00Liverpool vs NapoliChampions League
28 Nov3:00RB Leipzig vs BenficaChampions League
28 Nov3:00Slavia Praha vs InternazionaleChampions League
28 Nov22:50Astana vs Manchester UnitedEuropa League
28 Nov22:50Krasnodar vs BaselEuropa League
28 Nov22:50Trabzonspor vs GetafeEuropa League
29 Nov0:55AZ vs PartizanEuropa League
29 Nov0:55Beşiktaş vs Slovan BratislavaEuropa League
29 Nov0:55CSKA Moskva vs LudogoretsEuropa League
29 Nov0:55Ferencváros vs EspanyolEuropa League
29 Nov0:55Feyenoord vs RangersEuropa League
29 Nov0:55İstanbul Başakşehir vs RomaEuropa League
29 Nov0:55Oleksandria vs WolfsburgEuropa League
29 Nov0:55Saint-Étienne vs GentEuropa League
29 Nov0:55Sporting Braga vs Wolverhampton WanderersEuropa League
29 Nov0:55Wolfsberger AC vs Borussia M’gladbachEuropa League
29 Nov0:55Young Boys vs PortoEuropa League
29 Nov3:00Arsenal vs Eintracht FrankfurtEuropa League
29 Nov3:00Celtic vs RennesEuropa League
29 Nov3:00F91 Dudelange vs APOELEuropa League
29 Nov3:00Lazio vs CFR ClujEuropa League
29 Nov3:00Lugano vs KøbenhavnEuropa League
29 Nov3:00Malmö FF vs Dynamo KyivEuropa League
29 Nov3:00Rosenborg vs LASK LinzEuropa League
29 Nov3:00Sevilla vs QarabağEuropa League
29 Nov3:00Sporting CP vs PSVEuropa League
29 Nov3:00Vitória Guimarães vs Standard LiègeEuropa League
30 Nov19:30Newcastle United vs Manchester CityPremier League
30 Nov22:00Burnley vs Crystal PalacePremier League
30 Nov22:00Chelsea vs West Ham UnitedPremier League
30 Nov22:00Liverpool vs Brighton & Hove AlbionPremier League
30 Nov22:00Tottenham Hotspur vs AFC BournemouthPremier League
01 Dec0:30Southampton vs WatfordPremier League
01 Dec21:00Norwich City vs ArsenalPremier League
01 Dec21:00Wolverhampton Wanderers vs Sheffield UnitedPremier League
01 Dec23:30Leicester City vs EvertonPremier League
01 Dec23:30Manchester United vs Aston VillaPremier League
04 Dec2:45Arsenal vs Brighton & Hove AlbionPremier League
04 Dec2:45Burnley vs Manchester CityPremier League
04 Dec2:45Leicester City vs WatfordPremier League
04 Dec2:45Sheffield United vs Newcastle UnitedPremier League
04 Dec2:45Wolverhampton Wanderers vs West Ham UnitedPremier League
04 Dec3:00Manchester United vs Tottenham HotspurPremier League
05 Dec2:45Chelsea vs Aston VillaPremier League
05 Dec2:45Southampton vs Norwich CityPremier League
05 Dec3:00Crystal Palace vs AFC BournemouthPremier League
05 Dec3:00Liverpool vs EvertonPremier League
07 Dec22:00AFC Bournemouth vs LiverpoolPremier League
07 Dec22:00Aston Villa vs Leicester CityPremier League
07 Dec22:00Brighton & Hove Albion vs Wolverhampton Premier League
07 Dec22:00Everton vs ChelseaPremier League
07 Dec22:00Manchester City vs Manchester UnitedPremier League
07 Dec22:00Newcastle United vs SouthamptonPremier League
07 Dec22:00Norwich City vs Sheffield UnitedPremier League
07 Dec22:00Tottenham Hotspur vs BurnleyPremier League
07 Dec22:00Watford vs Crystal PalacePremier League
07 Dec22:00West Ham United vs ArsenalPremier League
11 Dec0:55Napoli vs GenkChampions League
11 Dec0:55Salzburg vs LiverpoolChampions League
11 Dec3:00Ajax vs ValenciaChampions League
11 Dec3:00Benfica vs ZenitChampions League
11 Dec3:00Borussia Dortmund vs Slavia PrahaChampions League
11 Dec3:00Chelsea vs LilleChampions League
11 Dec3:00Internazionale vs BarcelonaChampions League
11 Dec3:00Olympique Lyonnais vs RB LeipzigChampions League
12 Dec0:55Dinamo Zagreb vs Manchester CityChampions League
12 Dec0:55Shakhtar Donetsk vs AtalantaChampions League
12 Dec3:00Atlético Madrid vs Lokomotiv MoskvaChampions League
12 Dec3:00Bayer Leverkusen vs JuventusChampions League
12 Dec3:00Bayern München vs Tottenham HotspurChampions League
12 Dec3:00Club Brugge vs Real MadridChampions League
12 Dec3:00Olympiakos Piraeus vs Crvena ZvezdaChampions League
12 Dec3:00PSG vs GalatasarayChampions League
13 Dec0:55APOEL vs SevillaEuropa League
13 Dec0:55Basel vs TrabzonsporEuropa League
13 Dec0:55CFR Cluj vs CelticEuropa League
13 Dec0:55Dynamo Kyiv vs LuganoEuropa League
13 Dec0:55Eintracht Frankfurt vs Vitória GuimarãesEuropa League
13 Dec0:55Getafe vs KrasnodarEuropa League
13 Dec0:55København vs Malmö FFEuropa League
13 Dec0:55LASK Linz vs Sporting CPEuropa League
13 Dec0:55PSV vs RosenborgEuropa League
13 Dec0:55Qarabağ vs F91 DudelangeEuropa League
13 Dec0:55Rennes vs LazioEuropa League
13 Dec0:55Standard Liège vs ArsenalEuropa League
13 Dec3:00Borussia M’gladbach vs İstanbul BaşakşehirEuropa League
13 Dec3:00Espanyol vs CSKA MoskvaEuropa League
13 Dec3:00Gent vs OleksandriaEuropa League
13 Dec3:00Ludogorets vs FerencvárosEuropa League
13 Dec3:00Manchester United vs AZEuropa League
13 Dec3:00Partizan vs AstanaEuropa League
13 Dec3:00Porto vs FeyenoordEuropa League
13 Dec3:00Rangers vs Young BoysEuropa League
13 Dec3:00Roma vs Wolfsberger ACEuropa League
13 Dec3:00Slovan Bratislava vs Sporting BragaEuropa League

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