Fanatiz USA Channel Football Leagues Schedule

Fanatiz USA is a stage that you can pick as one of the most loved channels that shows sports, particularly live football. Inside there are numerous games decisions that you can watch from your cell phone. You should simply download the application on a cell phone so you can appreciate different football matches, any place you are. With this comfort, football sweethearts will never again miss the manner in which they missed the match.
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  • 2016-09-19

Fanatiz USA TV Schedule

Nov 215:00amDeportes Tolima vs Cúcuta DeportivoPrimera A
Nov 215:00amThe Locker RoomSoccer Shows
Nov 216:20amAlianza Petrolera vs Santa FePrimera A
Nov 217:00amJunior vs Atlético NacionalPrimera A
Nov 218:30amDeportivo Cali vs América de CaliPrimera A
Nov 219:00amAtlético Zacatepec vs AtlanteAscenso MX
Nov 222:30amProgreso vs Cerro LargoPrimera Division
Nov 225:00amThe Locker RoomSoccer Shows
Nov 226:00amDefensor Sporting vs NacionalPrimera Division
Nov 2312:30amGalatasaray vs İstanbul BaşakşehirSuper Lig
Nov 232:30amRacing vs Boston RiverPrimera Division
Nov 232:30amThe Express PreviewSoccer Shows
Nov 232:45amPSG vs LilleLigue 1
Nov 233:00amLevante vs MallorcaLa Liga
Nov 235:00amThe Locker RoomSoccer Shows
Nov 236:00amPeñarol vs FénixPrimera Division
Nov 237:00pmLeganés vs BarcelonaLa Liga
Nov 239:30pmThe Express PreviewSoccer Shows
Nov 2310:00pmRayo Vallecano vs Real ZaragozaSegunda Division
Nov 2310:00pmReal Betis vs ValenciaLa Liga
Nov 2412:00amDeportivo La Coruña vs AlcorcónSegunda Division
Nov 2412:00amKonyaspor vs BeşiktaşSuper Lig
Nov 2412:00amRacing Santander vs Extremadura UDSegunda Division
Nov 2412:00amThe Express PreviewSoccer Shows
Nov 2412:30amGranada vs Atlético MadridLa Liga
Nov 242:00amDijon vs RennesLigue 1
Nov 242:00amMetz vs ReimsLigue 1
Nov 242:30amThe Express PreviewSoccer Shows
Nov 243:00amReal Madrid vs Real SociedadLa Liga
Nov 243:00amRiver Plate vs FlamengoCopa Libertadores
Nov 245:30amThe Soccer XtraSoccer Shows
Nov 245:40amDefensa y Justicia vs LanúsSuperliga Argentina
Nov 245:40amHuracán vs Central Córdoba SdESuperliga Argentina
Nov 246:30amThe Locker RoomSoccer Shows
Nov 247:45amAtlético Tucumán vs San LorenzoSuperliga Argentina
Nov 249:00amLaLiga WorldSoccer Shows
Nov 246:00pmAlmería vs NumanciaSegunda Division
Nov 246:00pmEspanyol vs GetafeLa Liga
Nov 248:00pmOsasuna vs Athletic ClubLa Liga
Nov 249:00pmBordeaux vs MonacoLigue 1
Nov 2410:00pmAlbacete vs MirandésSegunda Division
Nov 2410:00pmEibar vs Deportivo AlavésLa Liga
Nov 2411:00pmYeni Malatyaspor vs FenerbahçeSuper Lig
Nov 2512:00amGirona vs FuenlabradaSegunda Division
Nov 2512:00amLas Palmas vs Real OviedoSegunda Division
Nov 2512:00amThe Express PreviewSoccer Shows
Nov 2512:30amVillarreal vs Celta de VigoLa Liga
Nov 252:30amThe Express PreviewSoccer Shows
Nov 253:00amReal Valladolid vs SevillaLa Liga
Nov 253:00amToulouse vs Olympique MarseilleLigue 1
Nov 253:10amBoca Juniors vs Unión Santa FeSuperliga Argentina
Nov 255:00amThe Soccer XtraSoccer Shows
Nov 255:40amBanfield vs Vélez SarsfieldSuperliga Argentina
Nov 255:40amGimnasia La Plata vs ArsenalSuperliga Argentina
Nov 257:45amTalleres Córdoba vs Racing ClubSuperliga Argentina
Nov 265:00amColón vs EstudiantesSuperliga Argentina
Nov 265:00amPatronato vs Godoy CruzSuperliga Argentina
Nov 265:00amThe Locker RoomSoccer Shows
Nov 267:10amArgentinos Juniors vs Newell’s Old BoysSuperliga Argentina
Nov 267:10amRosario Central vs AldosiviSuperliga Argentina
Nov 275:00amThe Locker RoomSoccer Shows
Nov 27TBACentral Córdoba SdE vs River PlateCopa Argentina
Nov 285:00amThe Locker RoomSoccer Shows
Nov 295:00amThe Locker RoomSoccer Shows
Nov 302:30amThe Express PreviewSoccer Shows
Nov 302:45amOlympique Marseille vs BrestLigue 1
Nov 303:00amCelta de Vigo vs Real ValladolidLa Liga
Nov 305:00amBanfield vs Gimnasia La PlataSuperliga Argentina
Nov 305:00amThe Locker RoomSoccer Shows
Nov 307:10amRacing Club vs Defensa y JusticiaSuperliga Argentina
Nov 307:00pmDeportivo Alavés vs Real MadridLa Liga
Nov 3010:00pmReal Sociedad vs EibarLa Liga
Dec 0112:30amMallorca vs Real BetisLa Liga
Dec 013:00amValencia vs VillarrealLa Liga
Dec 013:35amEstudiantes vs Atlético TucumánSuperliga Argentina
Dec 015:40amBoca Juniors vs Argentinos JuniorsSuperliga Argentina
Dec 017:45amNewell’s Old Boys vs River PlateSuperliga Argentina
Dec 016:00pmSevilla vs LeganésLa Liga
Dec 018:00pmAthletic Club vs GranadaLa Liga
Dec 0110:00pmEspanyol vs OsasunaLa Liga
Dec 0212:30amGetafe vs LevanteLa Liga
Dec 023:00amAtlético Madrid vs BarcelonaLa Liga
Dec 023:10amSan Lorenzo vs PatronatoSuperliga Argentina
Dec 025:40amGodoy Cruz vs Talleres CórdobaSuperliga Argentina
Dec 025:40amVélez Sarsfield vs ColónSuperliga Argentina
Dec 027:45amAldosivi vs IndependienteSuperliga Argentina
Dec 027:45amCentral Córdoba SdE vs Rosario CentralSuperliga Argentina
Dec 035:00amArsenal vs LanúsSuperliga Argentina
Dec 037:10amUnión Santa Fe vs HuracánSuperliga Argentina
Dec 073:00amVillarreal vs Atlético MadridLa Liga
Dec 075:00amColón vs AldosiviSuperliga Argentina
Dec 077:10amIndependiente vs BanfieldSuperliga Argentina
Dec 077:00pmReal Madrid vs EspanyolLa Liga
Dec 0710:00pmGranada vs Deportivo AlavésLa Liga
Dec 0812:30amLevante vs ValenciaLa Liga
Dec 083:00amBarcelona vs MallorcaLa Liga
Dec 083:35amHuracán vs ArsenalSuperliga Argentina
Dec 085:40amAtlético Tucumán vs Newell’s Old BoysSuperliga Argentina
Dec 085:40amTalleres Córdoba vs Unión Santa FeSuperliga Argentina
Dec 087:45amLanús vs Racing ClubSuperliga Argentina
Dec 086:00pmEibar vs GetafeLa Liga
Dec 088:00pmReal Betis vs Athletic ClubLa Liga
Dec 0810:00pmReal Valladolid vs Real SociedadLa Liga
Dec 0912:30amLeganés vs Celta de VigoLa Liga
Dec 093:00amOsasuna vs SevillaLa Liga
Dec 093:35amDefensa y Justicia vs Godoy CruzSuperliga Argentina
Dec 093:35amGimnasia La Plata vs Central Córdoba SdESuperliga Argentina
Dec 095:40amRosario Central vs Boca JuniorsSuperliga Argentina
Dec 097:45amRiver Plate vs San LorenzoSuperliga Argentina
Dec 105:00amPatronato vs Vélez SarsfieldSuperliga Argentina
Dec 107:10amArgentinos Juniors vs EstudiantesSuperliga Argentina
Dec 143:00amDeportivo Alavés vs LeganésLa Liga
Dec 147:10amArsenal vs ColónSuperliga Argentina
Dec 147:00pmGranada vs LevanteLa Liga
Dec 1410:00pmReal Sociedad vs BarcelonaLa Liga
Dec 1512:30amAthletic Club vs EibarLa Liga
Dec 153:00amAtlético Madrid vs OsasunaLa Liga
Dec 156:00pmGetafe vs Real ValladolidLa Liga
Dec 158:00pmCelta de Vigo vs MallorcaLa Liga
Dec 1510:00pmEspanyol vs Real BetisLa Liga
Dec 1612:30amSevilla vs VillarrealLa Liga
Dec 163:00amValencia vs Real MadridLa Liga
Dec 165:10amIndependiente vs Newell’s Old BoysSuperliga Argentina
Dec 192:00amBarcelona vs Real MadridLa Liga
Dec 213:00amEibar vs GranadaLa Liga
Dec 217:00pmMallorca vs SevillaLa Liga
Dec 2110:00pmBarcelona vs Deportivo AlavésLa Liga
Dec 2212:30amVillarreal vs GetafeLa Liga
Dec 223:00amReal Valladolid vs ValenciaLa Liga
Dec 226:00pmLeganés vs EspanyolLa Liga
Dec 228:00pmOsasuna vs Real SociedadLa Liga
Dec 2210:00pmReal Betis vs Atlético MadridLa Liga
Dec 2312:30amLevante vs Celta de VigoLa Liga
Dec 233:00amReal Madrid vs Athletic ClubLa Liga
Jan 041:00amReal Valladolid vs LeganésLa Liga
Jan 043:00amSevilla vs Athletic ClubLa Liga
Jan 047:00pmValencia vs EibarLa Liga
Jan 0410:00pmGetafe vs Real MadridLa Liga
Jan 0512:30amAtlético Madrid vs LevanteLa Liga

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Because of its simplicity to be accessed on a smartphone, you can easily see it anywhere. And where it is also easy to make selections for teams that you like to participate in, review previous games, and you can choose to be given notifications that you personalize. Some football programs that exist in him such as Copa Libertadores, La Liga, Copa Sudamericana, Liga Aguila, Ligue 1, and many others, which of course football fans do not want to miss it. Therefore, immediately subscribe to the channel. Don’t be afraid, because you will find packages that suit your needs. You can check the package on the site that we have provided in the table, where you can subscribe for a day, a month, or a year.

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