World Cup 2022 Qatar Schedule & Qualifying

The World Cup trophy was handed over after the World Cup final, which was made of 18 carat gold, which was less than 37 centimeters and weighed more than 6 kilograms – the FIFA World Cup. This has been proposed since 1974 and everything was built eleven times. Germany, is the biggest and they will defend their title at the World Cup in Russia.
World Cup 19th Nov 2019
4:00 PMNepalvsKuwait
5:30 PMMyanmarvsMongolia
6:00 PMMaldivesvsGuam
6:00 PMTurkmenistanvsSri Lanka
7:00 PMHong KongvsCambodia
7:00 PMUzbekistanvsPalestine
7:45 PMMalaysiavsIndonesia
8:00 PMVietnamvsThailand
9:00 PMAfghanistanvsQatar
9:00 PMIraqvsBahrain
9:00 PMKyrgyzstanvsTajikistan
9:00 PMSyriavsPhilippines
10:00 PMOmanvsIndia
10:00 PMYemenvsSingapore
11:00 PMJordanvsChinese Taipei
Africa Cup of Nations 19th Nov 2019
2:00 AMBotswanavsAlgeria
8:00 PMBurundivsMorocco
8:00 PMEthiopiavsIvory Coast
11:00 PMMauritaniavsCentral Africa
11:00 PMNigervsMadagascar
11:00 PMZambiavsZimbabwe

*All Time Are In Eastern Time -5

FIFA authorities since 1930 have awarded Golden Nike to the best team in the world. After winning the title by the Brazilian team in 1970 at the World Cup 2022 in Mexico and when it became property, according to FIFA regulations, it was decided that the next tournament would be given a new trophy. The International Football Federation has received as many as fifty-three entries from seven countries. In the end, it was decided that he won the design of a sculptor named Silvio Gazzaniga. He described his work in Italy as follows: Lines stretch from the base of the circle, as if they were carrying a globe. The figure of the two athletes at the time of victory increased from the extraordinary dynamics and body of the statue contained – he said.

His work was named the FIFA World Cup Trophy and was first presented to the winners in 1974, when the best in the world was West Germany, which defeated the Netherlands. The prize was made of 18 carat gold (valued at 150 thousand dollars in 2017) with a bronze base. He stands 36.8 cm tall and weighs 6.1 kg. This trophy was produced by the Italian company Stabilimento Artistico Bertoni. In 1994, a plaque was added at the bottom of the prize, where the name of the winning country was carved. However, they are not visible when standing vertically. All World Cup winners were there, starting from 1974, that is, from the date of awarding a new trophy.

After each World Cup, one year is engraved, and then the best country in the world. For example, “1982 Italy” or “1998 France.” So far, six countries have reached the FIFA World Cup trophy. The most trophies, three times, were flown by Germany in 1974, 1990 and 2014. Argentina won twice in 1978 and 1986. Twice the prize fell to Italy – in 1982 and 2006. Brazil doubled in 1994 and 2002 After one title, the French team won in 1998 and Spain in 2010. Unlike its predecessor, the World Cup cannot take ownership of certain countries.

Great sporting events can affect the financial markets because investors can get carried away and feel confident with their predictive abilities. People sometimes behave as if they know who will win – even when they have to maintain common sense. And in the stock market there is often a decline after huge losses in football. The FIFA World Cup after the 21st FIFA World Cup falls to the French national team. The current value is estimated at 135 thousand. dollars, or nearly half a million zlotys.

Nearly 5 kg of pure gold is used in its production. No wonder his replica reached the winner. Especially that the song was lost after the previous trophy. The World Cup awarded to World Cup winners weighs almost 6.2 kg, is 36.8 cm high and is made of 18 carat gold. The base with a diameter of 12.5 cm is decorated with two bronze rings. The trophy in this form was given to the best team in the world since 1974. Interestingly, the championship winner did not receive the original, but only a gold-plated replica. After each final, FIFA carves the year and the name of the winning country at the bottom of the trophy.

Looking at the World Cup that has been presented to players since 1974, we may have difficulty reading the meaning of the symbols used in it. Two people with raised hands with raised hands give a lot of thought about what the writer really means and what he wants to visualize. The raised hand attitude is clear to us, it illustrates joy, happiness, victory, but everything that comes to mind at first glance, and to avoid learning unnecessary imaginary interpretations, I will quote the words of the author who best describes what he do it. means: “Strength, energy, intensity, dynamics, brutality, dexterity, speed, success, prey, victory, victory.

All this must surround and embrace a world that stands above all and every human being. “These words show the best that Silvio Gazzanigi wants to show to the whole world of football in the six kilograms of gold he created. This is how we come to the question of the title of this post. Who is the winner? Every four years we will see a live streaming of the trophy the world to find out who is the new owner of the trophy, and can even say the tenant because the trophy unfortunately moved to the owner of the best foot in the world, but now theoretically the owner, like Brazil many years ago, he must always win.

There is no denying, the winner is always one, there are no two world champions in football, there are no first two places and there is no way to question anything here, so the answer is that there is only one of the best teams in the tournament. However, I was fascinated by the statements of the creators and fathers of the FIFA World Cup Silvio Gazzaniga, who not only created unique symbols that were recognized throughout the world, but also many others, including the UEFA Cup. However, his favorite child and success will still be there when he remembers the World Cup.